You, the owner, are an integral part of the service and repair process. We work hard to inform you not only about what the problem is that caused you to seek our help but why there is a problem and what else you might need to know so you can minimize the need to see us again. If you have several issues we will help you prioritize the needs and help you make a plan that works for you. We can do more than just fix your car and send you along. We can be an important asset to you because everyone needs a reliable car that doesn’t eat your money or leave you without wheels.

The first step is a clear and candid conversation about what you need and expect from us. Once we have an understanding we can work together to help you. So, something is going on with your car and you call us. You decide you want us to help you find out what’s going on. Bring your car in and leave it with us and we promise to get to it as soon as possible. We will call you and talk about what we have found and provide answers for your questions. Most of the time we can tell you what you need to know about the problem and what it will cost to fix it. Sometimes we will need to spend more time or do investigative work to fully understand the problem and what to do about it. We will also start talking about some other things we see that you might want to know about. If we get your permission to move forward the next call will most likely be a simple update on how things are going or a call to come get your car.

An important part of the repair process is to try to let you know what the future may hold for your car. If we see things that indicate there may be a problem soon we will always address those issues and try to prepare you so you are aware and ready for whatever may come. Many times we can work together to head off these kinds of problems either before they show up or at least minimize the impact by you being aware and prepared. Working together in this way is important for us because we want you to have happy motoring.


“If you’re happy with your car, you will be happy with us”