1978 we opened our doors in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the work poured in


“In the early years, I worked on the cars of Jaguar, Healey, MG, Alfa, Rolls, Triumph, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and even the French cars. Back then it was cool to specialize in foreign cars and even better if one did the European marques. If you did the European cars you were set apart in the sea of American and Japanese cars. One could specialize in the American muscle cars of those years but even these cars couldn’t hold a candle to the wow factor of the European cars. I was in car heaven.

By 1978 I had 13 years of experience under my belt and I was ready to go. The English cars were not selling well so I decided to focus on the Porsche, BMW and Mercedes cars which was very unusual for a German car repair shop because we did zero VW work. No Volkswagen at all. Being located on the busy iconic "Route 66" the business did very well and soon had to move into a much larger building. The business grew daily and I soon needed even more space.

After three years I sold the business and moved back to my home town Houston to be closer to my family. My brother also sold his business and we pooled our money and began to sell large machine shop lathes and mills which we did for a few of years until I decided that I wanted to work on the cars again. I bought the assets from a defunct business and opened the doors of European Auto Techniks. I started off with a 2,500 square foot shop and an ex-Tulsa employee who came to work and away we went. After a few years I had expanded to more than 8,000 square feet, along with a full machine shop and more tooling and equipment that we had room for. After 29 years at the Spears Road location I moved in June 2015 to a new set of buildings of almost 12,000 square feet on Mintz Lane. It’s like a new beginning, 37 years in the making.”

-Michael Cawley