I have been repairing cars for More than 50 years now


My first repair was a water pump replacement in 1965 for my neighbor and I was paid $5.00. I’m not sure but I think my dad and our neighbor were testing me, maybe the $5.00 dollars was a bet but it ended up in my pocket. I was twelve years old and in sixth grade. It was like snapping your fingers, easy and fun.

As a youngster I was fortunate to spend all of my summers on my grandfather’s farm. I was taught how to work hard, work smart, be tenacious and timely. The labor and trade skills I learned on the farm proved to be invaluable as they shaped my future. I learned that I had a knack for analyzing both current and potential problems, I could repair, build or rebuild almost anything and it was easy for me.

I have been extremely fortunate that I have been able to do just about anything I have wanted to do when it involves mechanisms, machines, wood, metal, electricity and any skill that uses hand/eye coordination. I’m lucky that there is very little that I cannot do. I’m not special nor unique as my grandfather, father and brother are all alike when it comes to the do it, make it or fix it world. I graduated from Spartan School of Aeronautics with a degree in flying, repairing and rebuilding airplanes. It was great fun but I still enjoyed being around the finer cars of the world. In 1978 I opened my shop doors to the world and have had a great time since being around some of the coolest cars and people in the world. I have personally repaired more than 40,000 cars and supervised services on twice as many. I still like coming to work and I look forward to the next workday. Always have.